• Aerate to excellence

Aerate to excellence


The O2 Wine Aerator adds oxygen to your wine and allows it to breathe. This enhances its flavour by softening the tannins, acidity and sulphites.

We at Vinovation want you to have a delightful wine experience. Save time and have a pleasing visual while enjoying your wine. We hope the O2 Wine Aerator helps to heighten your wine appreciation and savour it for years to come.

Product Info

JAMIE DRUMMOND ~ Wine Writer / Sommelier ~ Good Food Media

“Over my 25+ years in the wine industry I have experimented with innumerable gadgets that have all professed to improve one’s enjoyment of a bottle of wine. I can say with certainty that I have experienced no better way of rapidly aerating one’s red wine beneficially, with an undeniably positive impact upon both the wine’s sapidity (flavor) and texture (mouthfeel), than the Vinovation O2 Wine™ Aerator.”

Vinovation O2 Wine™ Aerator


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TONY & ANNA MARTINS ~ Martins Vineyard Inc. (VQA designated)

“We have been using the Vinovation O2 Wine™ Aerator and believe its an amazing product. It is simple to use, and simple to clean. Whether entertaining family and friends or a night in, this product allows the aroma and flavour to be much more pleasurable.

Thank you Rocco!!!
Cheers to your creation.”

KIMMBERLY CAPONE ~ Kimmberly Capone Interior Design

“I have never been a wine drinker until just recently, and really had little knowledge about wine, Pinot Noir became my favorite red wine as I liked the light refreshing taste out of the bottle. I found most wines to be too harsh tasting. I was asked to do a taste test for the new Vinovation O2 Wine™ Aerator because of my unbiased opinion. I was told that we were testing an Amarone wine and it was a much bolder and heavier wine than my Pinot Noir. It was never explained that wine needed some air time to bring out its full potential. We all hear the term ‘Letting the wine breathe’ but what does that mean? After 20 minutes of aerating this wine I was very surprised at the result. The wine did not attack your sense of smell while bringing your glass up to drink. The wine had a silky smooth taste lingered with a taste of dark chocolate! I now realize that all this time I have missed out due to the fact that I have been tasting wine the wrong way. So for those out there similar to my experience with wine, I highly recommend using this aerator and see if new opinions open up for you.

Thanks Vinovation!”