The Vinovation O2 Wine™ Aerator should be cleaned before first use. It should not be used to store wine.


Step One: Decant your favourite bottle of wine into our O2 Wine Decanter.
Step Two: Insert the Vinovation O2 Wine™ Aerator into the neck of the decanter and press the top power button to start the unit.
Step Three: Enjoy the show! There is a 10 minute shut off timer or aerate to your taste. When you are done aerating, simply place the Vinovation O2 Wine™ Aerator into the resistant non-slip bottom stand.


Once done aerating your wine pour approx. 3 oz of water into the stand. Place the O2 Wine Aerator into the stand and turn on for 20 seconds. Rinse out the stand and repeat to ensure the water is clear of remaining wine.

Rinse the LOWER SIDES OF THE O2 WINE AERATOR ONLY. Wipe clean and place back into holder to dry. (Recommended: place aerator in a rack or on its side on a paper towel to air dry)

Descale every 30 full uses using a 50/50 ratio of water & vinegar.


Place aerator into stand and plug in the USB charging cable. Red top light indicates charge required. Turns green when fully charged. Overcharge protection prevents it from overcharging. Full charge lasts approximately 1.5 hours of usage.