JAMIE DRUMMOND ~ Wine Writer / Sommelier ~ Good Food Media

"Running a carefully-decanted red wine through the Vinovation O2 Wine™ Aerator for a mere 10 minutes greatly accelerated the evaporation and dispersal of troublesome volatile ethanol, sulphides, and sulphites, as well as the desirable oxidation of phenolic compounds such as anthocyanins, epicatechins, and catechins, expeditiously replicating the bottle ageing process, and easing the wine’s true backbone of flavours and aromatics to the fore. The resultant wine expressed a far greater depth and range of character and complexity both on the bouquet and palate, as well as exhibiting much silkier and smoother tannins."


ANNA TSEPELIS ~ Renewed Wine Lover

"As a headache-prone person who is also sensitive to sulfites and tannins, it’s been many years since I’ve been able to enjoy wine. Although I love reds of all varieties, I could never have more than two sips of any wine without triggering a headache and feeling cloudy the next day. I didn’t think I could ever have wine again until I tried the Vinovation O2 Wine™ Aerator. From the first sip, I immediately noticed the difference in the wine and my reaction to it. The aromas and flavours really opened up, there was no harshness or astringent taste or smells in the glass, and I was able to have two glasses whilst feeling fantastic all evening! Even more surprising is how clear and refreshed I felt the next day; no trace of a headache, cloudiness or stuffiness. Thanks to the O2 Aerator I’m able to truly enjoy wine again!"


JOE TASILLO ~ Amateur Wine Connoisseur

"I have been savouring red wines for the last 17 years. More specifically I enjoy big bold reds, mostly Italian and California wines. Through experience I came to realize letting a red wine breathe for a few hours in a decanter brings out the best taste the wine has to offer. Recently, I discovered an interesting product, the O2 Wine Aerator. Within a few minutes it makes a bottle of wine reach full flavour. It's simple to use. I usually run it for 10 minutes to enjoy a big bold red wine, like a Barolo or Amarone as if it was decanted for two hours. For when you don't want to wait hours to enjoy a great bottle of wine, I highly recommend this product."



"I was somewhat skeptical of these wine aerators that claim to open up wine in such a short time. Being a wine naturalist, I always believed that wine needed time to open properly. Well I'm here to tell you I was wrong.
The Vinovation O2 Wine Aerator has saved me waiting an hour or two before being able to enjoy a bottle of wine. I usually don't leave reviews, but I was so impressed with this product, I felt I had to let others know. A definite must for any wine lover."

LAURA COSTANZO ~ Wine by the Bottle

"I have been using Vinovation O2 Wine for approximately two years now and I cannot imagine going back to using any other aerator. The ease of use and convenience saves a lot of that "let the wine open up" time when uncorking a bottle while preparing dinner or simply entertaining."

TOM ZARILLO ~ Wine Bar Chronicles

"Love my Vinovation O2 Wine aerator. In fact it’s the only one I’ll use. Why wait to decant when this aerator will get the job done in less than 10 minutes lifting and refreshing fruits making your wine so much more enjoyable. It’s a spa treatment for favorite wines! Easy to use, easy to clean, and so easy to refill to enjoy again and again! Cheers!"